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Foarte important: Societatea noastra detine polita de asigurare CMR, in valoare de 50.000 EURO pentru fiecare autoturism sau marfa transportata !  

We offer full service tow truck and automobile NON STOP (7 days 7, 24 hours / day), both in Pitesti and the Arges county and throughout the country and the EU. Through us, you can opt for:
Very important: Our company has CMR insurance policy, worth EUR 40,000 for each car or cargo transported.
- Tow vehicles - tow SUV
- Tow vans, vans (van)
- Tow trailer
- Tow industrial equipment
- Tow Agriculture
- Tow Construction
- Tow trucks
- Transport any goods on open platforms
We have specialized trucks in tow, with the ability to tow 2 (two) machines simultaneously, equipped with specialized equipment and ramps hydraulically operated, capable of carrying a load of 12 tons, to provide a loading / as easy unloading of cars damaged or immobilized, so that warping process to take place in optimal conditions and in a short time.
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